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About the Mission:
Day1 was founded on the philosophy that we all can strive each day to improve… one step at a time, one day at a time, living each day in opportunity and as though it is the first day of the rest of our life.

Over the years, we have had the opportunity and honor of working with incredibly talented athletes, dedicated families, and very successful businesses. In reflecting upon these experiences and successes, we feel it is time to further our commitment to improving ourselves, the world around us, and are launching our first benefit board; the Re:Mission.

The Re:Mission embraces the Mission of Day1 to improve each day, but rather than focusing on the individual, it focuses on a cause. Each year the Re:Mission will be a limited production model only available for that season. During each season, 20% of the profit from each Re:Mission sold will be donated to the benefit of that season. So, if you like the model you see and/or the selected cause, get in touch with us so we can be sure to get yours to enjoy before that model is retired at the end of the year.


About the Benefit: 2017-18

Continuing the fight against Lyme. Through the end of 2018, all contributions from the sales of the Re:Mission will be donated to Lyme Disease Research. Why Lyme? In July of 2015 the wife of Day1 founder Bryce McDonald started experiencing issues with her central nervous system. While specialists seemed optimistic in the prognosis, unfortunately, rather than improving, the symptoms became significantly worse, leaving doctors unable to make a clear diagnosis. After 7 months of visits, tests, and consults with more than 30 specialists, the family finally received a diagnosis: Chronic neurological Lyme disease. Then, in March of 2016 after additional research, consultation, and testing, both of the founder’s young children (6 and 9 years old) were diagnosed with Lyme as well.  Now having a much greater understanding of how widespread and misunderstood Lyme is, Bryce and his family hope that this effort will help raise awareness, treatment, and prevention for families in the future.

Board bottom

About the Board:

Style: Surf
Color: Lyme Green
Length: 4’6
Tail: Square
Nose: Blunt
Fins: Quad, futures boxes, Shapers AP01 fins
Special Features: FutureFlex ™ carbon rail
Traction: Day1 custom traction
Accessories: Travel bag, board sock, ding-repair kit (all included)
Experience Level: All
Price: $1400.00
Shipping: included

About the ride:
Built for everyone in the boat. The board has been constructed with a very fast and forgiving planning hull to ensure the utmost speed with the least effort. For those just learning, set it up as a quad and get locked into the pocket for a cruise. If you are pushing your riding to the next level, throw in your favorite main fins with a couple thrusters and put those tucked rails to the test. Carve up and down the face, launch of the lip, or slash and throw buckets, this board won’t let you down.